Growing up on show-tunes and majoring in Kanye is a sure fire route to musical magic, and Passion Falls frontman Jonny Holland is dripping with the stuff. Channelling his refreshingly eclectic tastes into a band format has resulted in the newly-formed Manchester 4-piece’s debut EP ‘The Greatest Adventure'.

Putting Holland’s eclectic yet refreshingly open tastes to one side briefly, Passion Falls collectively describe themselves as a band who ‘love a good heart bursting moment’ and more often than not a good heart bursting moment is exactly what you get. 

Their emotive brand of Indie art electronica manages to build beautiful, alternative pop songs that soar into often unexpectedly haunting, crashing crescendos. Just as you feel you have heard it all, up pops yet another unexpected melody or lyrical surge, teasing and coaxing its way into your mood receptors. 

Passion Falls are a 4 piece from Manchester, and whilst they maintain the city’s historic perchance for drama, the real beauty here lies in their individual sprinkling of glitter and almost childlike wonder. This comes at times courtesy of Mr Holland’s less obvious musical influences, but even more so his ability to nonchalantly toss in a fistful of sentences that nestle lightly between the heart strings, refusing to be ignored.

The sound is a meeting of old and new, at times reminiscent of the epic qualities of contemporaries such as Temper Trap and Foals, yet also crossing into the sonic territories of Talk Talk and even the more art house, experimental German motorik period of early Simple Minds.

The band signed to Manchester indie MUK Records in 2015 and have been busying themselves between London based producer Dave Pemberton (The Prodigy, Groove Armada) and Manchester’s Jim Spencer, (Charlatans, New Order, Jonny Marr) with both producers instantly helping realise the bands individual blend of Indie electronica.